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Just What Is Xeriscaping?

While for decades the idea of a green lawn and garden full of vibrant, pleasant smelling flowers has dominated how Point Washington owners think of their outdoor space, xeriscaping is increasingly catching on as an environmentally friendly alternative to garden design.

Xeriscaping takes into account the climate and topography, creating a system that is perfectly suited to the conditions. While you may be picturing a garden that’s mostly made up of rocks and cacti, there are plenty of options out there for those looking to set something up. With MRC Lawn Care & Maintenance INC.’s eye for detail, your xeriscape garden will be every bit as beautiful and vibrant as a traditional one.

Drought-tolerant and less thirsty plants don’t have to be boring. If you’re looking to add some color, why not opt for something like blue sage, whose flowers and fragrant smell make a wonderful addition to any garden, or poppies, which, with their vibrant petals, are certainly hard to miss. Rocks and drought-resistant grasses are also good to include in your garden, serving as a way to highlight and frame your more colorful plants.

The Many Benefits of Xeriscaping

The benefits of xeriscaping are numerous. Beyond requiring very little water, the plants used in xeriscaping require little maintenance, meaning the costs associated with it are lower than in traditional landscaping. It also means less time spent in the garden pulling out weeds!

Xeriscaping works with the environment, instead of against it. In many climates, achieving a beautifully green carpet of lawn is simply not sustainable, because the environment is not suited to that type of plant. By considering which native species exist in and around Point Washington, MRC Lawn Care & Maintenance INC. is able to create eye-catching gardens that flourish without too much upkeep on your part.

Another major bonus is how unique xeriscaping can be. As it’s a departure from the more traditional garden layout, xeriscaping allows you to truly exercise your creativity in finding interesting plants and rock formations to enhance the natural landscape of your property. With xeriscaping, the options are limitless. Contact MRC Lawn Care & Maintenance INC. to start discussing your future garden today!

Let MRC Lawn Care & Maintenance INC. Be Your Guide

Having to remove existing turf and set up your new garden may seem daunting, but after the initial setup xeriscaping is actually a time-saver. If you’re tackling this project alone, we recommend breaking up this process into little steps, so as to avoid inundating yourself with work. Even if you decide to convert your garden from a traditional one to a xeriscape one without the help of MRC Lawn Care & Maintenance INC., we’d be happy to provide you with helpful tips and insight we’ve acquired over our many years beautifying Point Washington gardens.

In order to get a sense of which plants make the most sense, we encourage you to get in touch with MRC Lawn Care & Maintenance INC. today. Our experienced staff would be happy to give you a comprehensive rundown of which plants would thrive in your area, as well as give you some guidance on how to keep your garden looking beautiful for years to come.